Tally Implementation  v.9.0

Tally Implementation Service industries are truly innovative and designed to enhance the processes. Tally Implementation by our company take full benefit of this flexibility and adaptability to allow Clients to run their businesses easily.

An OSGi-Based FIPA Implementation  v.rc

The Pando project intends to deliver an OSGi-based implementation of the FIPA agent platform.


Dcm4che, a DICOM Implementation in JAVA  v.1.0

dcm4che is an implementation of DICOM and IHE actors in Java.

Dict protocol J2SE implementation  v.1.1

J2SE implementation of the Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT) that allows a client to access dictionary definitions from a set of natural language dictionary databases.

Jarsync - a Java rsync implementation.  v.0.1

Jarsync is a Java implementation of the rsync algorithm, a deltacompression algorithm for fast network file transfers.

Java implementation of the Styx protocol  v.rc

Java implementation of the Styx protocol.

MTOSI Reference Implementation  v.1.0.1

Reference implementation for the MTOSI interface standard defined by the TMF.

XTAPI JTapi Implementation  v.1.0

The XTapi project is aimed at someday growing up to be a reference implementation for JTAPI.

Yet Another Tetris Implementation  v.1.0

This is yet another cross platform(written in java) implementation of the classic tetris game.

Skeleton implementation generator  v.1.3

This tool generates compilable implementations of java interfaces or abstract classes.

An Open Implementation of IEEE 1451  v.1.0

The Open1451 Project provides a repository for implementations, examples, and applications of the IEEE 1451 Standard for a Smart Transducer Interface for Sensors and Actuators.

DksWordArt : WordArt java implementation  v.1.1.0

DKSWordArt est une librairie dveloppe entirement en Java permettant de crer des titres originaux et personnalisable.

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